Rise of the Runelords

Interlude: Seasons Change

After defeating Nualia and collecting their reward from the town of Sandpoint, Mayor Deverin and the other nobles sought to keep the adventurers in the town, offering them positions, assistance, and incentives to keep their resources available in case the town should need them.

For Rorrek, this was an easy matter, as the town finally turned over control of his uncle's estate to him.  Rorrek quickly became involved in all aspects of his newfound business ventures, working with other town merchants to set up contracts and arrangements. He hired a local Varisian girl named Gaia Acari at the request of Sir Jasper Korvaski, who assured Rorrek that the girl was bright and capable. Additionally, the potential romances that were brewing with Ameiko and Shayliss kept his days and nights quite full.

Aquinas took up a temporary role helping Ilsoari Gandethus at the Turnadurok Academy, instructing students on matters of history and magical theory. He found companionship and keen minds in his new friends, Brodert Quink and Chask Haladan, and spent most of his free time examining the Thassilonian relics and artifacts that were taken from the Thistletop complex.

Tsaruqs struck up a strong friendship with their elven ranger ally, Shalelu Andosana and spent much of the winter traveling the regions close to Sandpoint. On his rare trips back into town, he often hung out at the Rusty Dragon with his friends or paid a visit to Hannah, often providing her with herbs that he had found on his travels.

Arwyn was fiercely courted by Lord Aldern Foxglove, who showered her with extravagant gifts and jewelry. He left for a quick business trip to Magnimar after three weeks and mysteriously vanished. Arwyn grew concerned and inquired into Aldern's history, finding that he had met and married a young Varisian dancer the year earlier. Arwyn went to Magnimar to find Aldern, only to find no trace of him. It appeared that he had never even made it to the city, as none of his other business partners nor his townhome's butler had seen him in over two months.

Rorrek's old friend Orik Vancaskerkin, who had aided the party in the fight against Nualia, returned from a short trip to Magnimar and took up a position in Rorrek's enterprises. Rorrek acquired a property for another grain mill to the south of Sandpoint on Cougar Creek.

Winter, spring, and summer passed without any major excitement. The group settled into their roles in the quiet town and began to envision the next phase of their lives as Sandpoint citizens. After the Swallowtail Festival had passed, marking their one year anniversary with the town of Sandpoint, Shalelu told Tsaruqs that she needed to travel to her home of Crying Leaf, north of Riddleport.



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