Rise of the Runelords

Journey to Sandpoint and the Swallowtail Festival

An invitation to travel to Sandpoint to assist Rorrek's uncle Destrus with a business venture went awry from the start.  A late summer storm caught the vessel and shipwrecked the party on the Lost Coast, with no signs of any other survivors. Managing to scale the coastal cliff and stumbling upon an abandoned Varisian campsite, the party attempted to wait out the storm, only to be attacked by a group of goblins.  Easily dispatching the goblins, the group learned from a captive goblin that these goblins were on their way north, to meet with another tribe of goblins in the Mosswood.

In the morning, the group walked north along the Lost Coast road and were picked up by an affable farmer named Crade Hambley on his way to mill his grain before the town's Swallowtail Festival. Upon arriving in Sandpoint, the party met with Rorrek's uncle Destrus and spent the day getting to know the tiny town. The following day, the Swallowtail Festival delighted and entertained the group for most of the day. However, a raid by a large group of crazed and fanatical goblins broke up the festivities. Many townsfolk were slaughtered, and only the quick actions of the PCs saved the new cathedral and much of the northern portion of the twon from being razed by torch-wielding goblins. Rorrek's bold actions saved the lives of both Lord Titus Scarnetti, his uncle's business nemesis, and Lord Aldern Foxglove, a visiting Magnimarian nobleman.


Many local townsfolk and visiting Varisian nomads lost their lives in the goblin raid, including Rorrek's uncle, who threw himself on a gang of goblins that had several children cornered. The town mayor, Kendra Deverin, met briefly with the party and thanked them for their heroics. Ameiko Kaijitsu offered them free lodging at her inn, The Rusty Dragon, as a reward and Titus Scarnetti volunteered to help Rorrek with getting Destrus's business ventures repaired and moving forward.



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