Rise of the Runelords


The PCs learned that Nualia was camped with a goblin tribe at the fortress of Thistletop, a small outcropping of rock north of Sandpoint, near the Nettlewood. An elven ranger named Shalelu Andosana decided to accompany the party, as she had appointed herself the town's protector and usually kept the goblin threat in check. Chartering a small vessel and approaching the area by sea, the PCs landed on a beach below the fortress. Unfortunately, the party drew the attention of a nearby bunyip, whose yips and howls alerted the goblins to the party's presence. Sneaking into caves below the goblin camp, the party snuck through them by a clever use of Aquinas's levitate spell. Tsaruqs encountered a goblin druid named Gogmurt and the two struck an uneasy alliance to oust the current goblin chief, a fierce warrior named Ripnugget. Gogmurt didn't like the influence of Nualia and feared for the tribe and was willing to barter with the party, offering them free access to the ruins beneath the fortress if they would kill Nualia.

The party openly approached the fortress, once again posing as friends and mercenaries of Nualia's, gaining audience with Chief Ripnugget. They ambushed him and his bodyguards in the throne room, slaying them and allowing Gogmurt to wrest control of the tribe. Interrogating the goblins, Arwyn learned that Nualia was accompanied by several henchmen: a bugbear named Bruthazmus that was Shalelu's nemesis, a wizard named Lyrie who was studying the Thassilonian artifacts, Tsuto Kaijitsu, and some human mercenary bodyguard.

The party delved into the lower chambers, stumbling upon Bruthazmus and Lyrie in a hallway. The battle brought in a demonic dog called a yeth hound, which gave Lyrie enough of a distraction to escape. Aquinas engulfed Bruthazmus with a powerful scorching ray, allowing the rest of the party to dispatch the yeth hound. Heading deeper into the dungeon, the party encountered Nualia, Tsuto, Lyrie, and Nualia's bodyguard in a profane chapel that was guarded by another yeth hound. Fortunately for the party, Nualia's bodyguard was an old acquaintance of Rorrek's from Riddleport, a down on his luck mercenary named Orik Vancaskerkin.  Rorrek convinced his old friend to change his allegiance, which was a key factor in the party's defeat of Nualia. The party captured Tsuto and Lyrie alive and brought them back to Sandpoint for trial. The goblin threat to Sandpoint disappeared with Nualia's death, and the party's exploits were well received by the town.  The local bard Cyrdak Drokkus began working on a play detailing the PCs valiant actions and heroics.



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